Our cinema screenings have finished. We loved seeing the audiences in the cinema and hope to hold more in the near future. Please get in touch if you'd like to support a cinema screening in your area.

Each screening of the Staging Post is a fundraiser for The Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CRLC). If you decide to hold a ticketed event, 20% of all ticket sales go directly to the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre.
If your event is not ticketed 20% of the screening fees go to CRLC.
Further donations are encouraged.

There are three screening options available below. Although, we are open and always happy to work
with you to tailor events to your specific requests and needs.


Option 1 - Cinema

Sponsor a cinema screening of The Staging Post.

A cinema screening fee of $550 applies to each screening. If you choose to make your event a ticketed event, if ticket sales exceed the screening fee you will make this money back.

- You decide which cinema and cover cinema hire fees.
- We will support you by providing a ticketing system,   posters, PR and by reaching out through our networks.
- We will provide the cinema with a cinema ready DCP     file*

*A DCP is a specialised high quality format required by commercial cinemas. The DCP Drive must be returned after your screening.

Option 2 - community

Host your own screening in a community space.

You find community space and pay the associated event costs. If you want to hold a free screening you can pay upfront screening fee of $350.

- We’ll support you by providing Posters, PR and our dedicated distribution manager will guide you through the process and provide advice.
- We can help source a projector, screen and PA system if required.

If you want to sell tickets, we can provide a ticketing system and if ticket sales exceed the costs of the event, there will then be no screening fee.


Option 3- Universities and Schools

We love presenting to Universities and have already presented lectures at Sydney University, University of Technology, Notre Dame and at the University of Melbourne. 

The themes in the film speak to Human Rights, Law, Development, Social Work, Education, and Communications faculties. The filmmakers are happy to attend and present to your class.

We have also presented at St Leonard’s School. Melbourne to 5th and 6th grade children.

A screening fee of $350 applies to each screening. Study guides are available.

Additionally, Educational licenses of the film are available for school libraries. 


We can also assist in making your event interactive, this can be done in a number of ways. 

  1. We can facilitate a Skype session with the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre

  2. The filmmakers and co-founders of the school, Muzafar and Khadim can Skype your event after the screening.

  3. Depending on availability and with your support, the filmmakers and co-founders of the school would love to attend your screening for further discussion, Q&A and to introduce the film.

please get in contact for more information.