The Staging Post - Educational License (in-perpetuity)

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The Staging Post - Educational License (in-perpetuity)


Are you a University, School or Public Library? You can purchase an in-perpetuity educational license of The Staging Post. The film will be delivered as a digital file which can be hosted on your own or third-party servers (eg. Kanopy or others). The servers must only be accessible to your institution's students and staff.

(view sample contract)

On payment you will receive a link to a downloadable file and a license agreement that needs to be signed and returned to Light Sound Art Film.

We are always willing to help with any technical questions. Please contact us if you have any further questions or requirements that are specific to your institution.

Instructions on how to host your own content on Kanopy here

Universities who have purchased The Staging Post directly. Join the list.

  • La Trobe University, Melbourne.
  • UTS, Sydney
  • Melbourne University




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