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The Staging Post Refugee Week 2018 Screening Tour

Refugee Week (17th-23rd June) is now a Refugee Fortnight for Australian feature documentary film, The Staging Post.

About the screening tour

Between the 17th and 30th of June the film will screen at 20+ community-supported events. From Adelaide to Townsville, Bega to Ballarat. Attending most of the screenings will be the director, Jolyon Hoff and the stars of the film, Muzafar Ali and Khadim Dai.

Jolyon, Muzafar and Khadim are available for interviews. Please contact

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Arriving in Australia, not by boat but with a visa.

Four times, as a refugee, Khadim tried to get a boat from Indonesia to Australia. His last attempt was on the day Australia ‘stopped the boats’ Now he will be traveling from Los Angeles on an official Australian visa to join The Staging Post Refugee Week tour.

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A refugee-led education revolution

The school at the centre of the film, co-founded by Muzafar and Khadim, has sparked a refugee-led education revolution. There are now around 1500 refugees learning at over 10 refugee-managed learning centres in Indonesia.

The idea that refugees can be part of the solution and that education needs to be at the centre of that solution is slowly being understood by global decision makers and academics. The refugees in Indonesia are becoming world leaders in finding more satisfactory and wholistic solutions to the current worldwide refugee crisis.

UNHCR paper on refugee education in transit

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Quotes by Khadim Dai 

“Australia is very close to my heart. I have so many friends there, and also my family. I always thought I was going to live there and used to watch Australian TV shows in Quetta when I was young. But now I feel like my home is in the United States. They welcomed me and I have lots of opportunity here.”

“So I have mixed feelings. I’m happy to come and see my friends and family, but I’m sad that don’t belong to Australia like I thought I would.”

“When I met Muzafar I couldn’t even write an email. Filming The Staging Post, and my life as a refugee, was a journey of learning. It opened doors for me and now I’m working in Hollywood.”


Quotes by Muzafar Ali

“Rumi says ‘Where there are ruins, there is a chance to find treasures.’ When we became refugees, we found those treasures. We couldn’t expect to have met the people we did and had the opportunities that we have had.”

“The school acted like a magnet. It connected us with many people. They were waiting for refugees to do something, and then they accompanied us.”

“I live in Australia now. We have been welcomed in Australia and are very happy here. My mother says she is having the best days of her life. My wife has nearly finished 2nd year university, and my daughter is happy making friends at school.”

“I have been invited to visit and speak at towns and cities all over Australia. I’m humbled to see how people are interested to learn more about refugees and our experiences. I feel lucky to have met so many compassionate and remarkable Australians.”

“The Staging Post has given me the opportunity to tell my story and my people’s story.”

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Quotes by Jolyon Hoff

“I could not have imagined that when I drove up the hill to ‘meet a refugee’, I would meet the incredible people that I did. I am very proud of our journey and this film.”

“The film is helping us to tell the story to Australians and we love the deep human and personal connections it has created, and is still creating.”

“Every screening is full of emotion and togetherness. I love watching the audiences connect with the film, and be inspired by my friends courage. I know this is just the beginning”

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Screening dates and times.


More details and tickets here.

JUNE 12 Tues    ANU, Canberra.

• JUNE 16 Sat      Maleny RSL Hall, 5:30pm

• JUNE 17 Sun      The Box Factory, Adelaide. 6pm

• JUNE 18 Mon      Nambour Cinema, 7:30pm.

• JUNE 18 Mon      Pivotonian Cinema, Geelong. 7pm

• JUNE 18 Mon      Empire Cinema, Bowral. 7pm 

• JUNE 19 Tues     Gala Cinema, Wollongong, 6:30pm

• JUNE 19 Tues     Brunswick Picture House, 7pm

• JUNE 19 Tues     Ryan Community Centre, Townsville. 6pm  

• JUNE 19 Tues     The Food Co-op, Canberra  

• JUNE 20 Wed      Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkdale 3:30pm 

• JUNE 20 Wed      Balgrave Cinema, Armidale. Time TBC

• JUNE 21 Thurs    Aus National Maritime Museum. 5:45pm

• JUNE 22 Fri      Bega Funhouse, Bega. 6pm

• JUNE 23 Sat      Regent Cinema, Ballarat. 4:30pm 

• JUNE 23 Sat      Cairns Esplanade, 6:30pm

• JUNE 23 Sat      Nthn District Health, Kerang. 7.30pm

• JUNE 24 Sun      Swanpool Cinema. 1:30pm 

• JUNE 24 Sun      Club Fleurieu, Yankalilla 3pm

• JUNE 24 Sun      Sun Cinema, Bairnsdale. 7pm     

• JUNE 27 Wed      State Theatre, Hobart. 6:15pm

• JUNE 28 Thurs    Mansfield Cinema, Mansfield, 5pm

• JUNE 29 Fri      Ararat. Details TBC

• JUNE 30 Sat      Star Cinema, Bendigo. 3:30pm


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About Khadim Dai

Khadim was living as a refugee in Pakistan when his school was bombed and 126 people were killed, including his best friend. His family smuggled him to Indonesia where, four times, he tried to get a boat to Australia. On the fourth time he was on the way to the coast in the back of an ice-cream van when his sister rang. She told him the Australian Government had changed the rules, that he would be locked up on a deserted island. 

He returned to Cisarua (Chi-sa-roo-a) and made award-winning films on his mobile phone, was the cinemtagrapher for The Staging Post and co-founded and inspired a refugee-led education revolution in Indonesia. Now living in Los Angeles, he has finished a 25 min film about LBGTI refugees, shot and directed tv commercials, been given a scholarship to the Californian Institute of Arts, and is working on a TV show with Jim Carrey, Catherine Keener and Michel Gondry.

About Muzafar Ali

Muzafar Ali is a former refugee from Afghanistan, currently living in Adelaide, Australia, where he is a student at the University of South Australia. 

He worked for the United Nations in Afghanistan, supporting the disbandment of illegal armed groups and promoting human rights He became a well-known photographer with photos he took while working in remote and rarely visited areas of Afghanistan.

Later he was forced to leave and made his way to Indonesia, where he co-founded the first refugee-managed school in Indonesia, the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre.

Muzafar is passionate refugee advocate and regularly speaks for and to refugees in Australia and internationally. His life as a refugee in Indonesia is featured in the recently released documentary, The Staging Post.

Director Jolyon Hoff went to meet a refugee. Almost immediately he met Muzafar and Khadim and, that day, they decided to make a project together.JPG

About Jolyon Hoff - Director/Producer of The Staging Post

Jolyon is an Australian Documentary Filmmaker. He was living in Jakarta when Australia ‘stopped the boats’. He had never met a refugee, so he went to the staging post for boats travelling to Christmas Island. He wanted to know to who they were, where they came from, and what they were going to do now?  Almost immediately he met, Muzafar and Khadim.

The feature documentary they made together was the 14th most successful documentary at the Australian Box Office in 2017, and was awarded Highly Commended as ‘Best Stand-Alone Documentary’ by the Australian Director’s Guild in 2018

Jolyon established Cisarua Learning, an Australian registered charity, to support the refugee-led education revolution that his friends started. There are now ten refugee-led schools in Indonesia and over 1500 students receiving education from approximately 100 refugee teachers. Jolyon, Khadim and Muzafar manage the charity together.


Audience Quotes

So full of wisdom and humour

Eileen O'Brien

Needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

Glynis Johns

An inspiring and moving documentary.

Kathy King

Truly a remarkable story. All Australians need to see your film.

Margaret Hayman

This is so positive, beautiful and affirming! 

Candace Hyde

I was mesmerised by the courage & true humanity shown.

Karen Spedding

Fantastic film. Don't miss it.

Christopher Adams

A totally beautiful and inspiring film by such beautiful inspiring people - so glad I went. Congratulations to all. Let's spread the goodness. Peace and Community is possible - here's the proof.

Bowie Douglas

An inspiring story. Wonderful positive story and friendships and working together. Get to see it if you can.

Debbie Kemish

What a fantastic night so glad I could introduce my son to this movie, he was most excited to see the school via Skype at the end. Thank you, thank you.

Naomi Brown

I saw this in Newcastle and it was incredible  ❤️ Everyone needs to see this xx. Such a beautiful positive film featuring beautiful positive people.

Amanda Perram

Uplifting - we saw it last week and thoroughly recommend it.

Susie van den Heuvel

Loved The Staging Post
Nick Torrens

Lifts the spirit; packed with positivity, potential, possibility, patience, hope, community, cooperation, love and friendship.

Anne Hilton

You must see this amazing film. Inspirational. A reminder of what is possible when people work together to turn away from fear towards hope.

Anni Webster

Profoundly moving...beautifully crafted. It demonstrates the power of people to take positive action in dire circumstances and, in particular, the power of women in advocating for their children's education and a better future.

Anni Webster 

By far the highlight of my uni experience over the past three years so far. 


Last year the community in Cisarua captured my heart, today watching The Staging Post and talking with you both, I was reminded why. I stand with you in your endeavours.

Dr Margaret Spencer

The Staging Post is a phenomenally powerful documentary

Sydney University Social Work Student

The ground-breaking documentary, The Staging Post, is vital in shifting the understanding and debate in Australia to better understand the impact of our current policies. 

Tim O’Connor, Director, Refugee Council of Australia

A truly moving piece of cinema.

Nick Valentine

This is a great film, going to a screening is an uplifting way to contribute to a community of wonderful people, I highly recommend it

Philippa Byers

A moving tribute to people who refused to become victims of circumstance. A must see!

Marion Rose Le

Wow, saw this tonight. Audience was mesmerised. Powerful movie made me cry and laugh but mostly made me want to help the school and others like it in Indonesia. 

Lynne Murphy